Mission Coffee Roasters



We have over 20 years experience working with specialty coffee and a heart to improve the lives of others.

Birthed as an idea in 1991, Mission Coffee Roasters was later founded by the Bixler Family in 2003 to financially support Christian missionaries, missionaries-in-training, Christ based ministries, and other non-profits (both secular and faith based) through the sale of delicious fresh roasted coffee.   

Mission’s founder, Brett Bixler, has over twenty years of experience in the specialty coffee trade.  He started working for Martin Diedrich and Don Holly at Diedrich Coffee in Southern California in 1991.  Carl Diedrich, Martin’s dad, learned to roast coffee during World War II and later designed a coffee roaster while working as an engineer for the Ford Motor Company (the first Diedrich roasters used F150 steering column bearings).  After the war, the Diedrich family grew coffee in Guatemala before moving to California in the early 1970’s.  They also operate coffeehouses and manufacture the highly esteemed Diedrich coffee roasters (we roast on one here at Mission).  Brett spent five years working at Diedrich Coffee and is grateful for the knowledge and love of coffee they imparted.

Mission Coffee Roaster’s history is steeped in rich coffee knowledge and a passion for quality that guides our operations today.  Our heart is for people and non-profits.  We remain dedicated to improving the lives of others. 

Let us know if we can help you start a coffee fund-raising project for a non-profit, school, mission outreach, or church to benefit your community or abroad.

Mission Coffee Roasters ... really good coffee with a mission.